Foxy Clockworks

(First, try saying “Foxy clockworks” three times fast.)

I’ve mentioned Michelle Harris of Once Lost Jewelry before, but she’s marvelous enough that she deserves further discussion. A lot of people are doing steampunk jewelry right now, but I think she’s doing it particularly well.

Here’s a shot of her booth from Renegade Craft Fair LA –>

Look closely and you’ll see the scarab brooch that I mentioned in my first Marvelous Items post.

Below is a shot of the fox pendant that I was also compelled to acquire.



Click on it to see all of the lovely details. You know you wanna.


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One response to “Foxy Clockworks

  1. Faye Isabelle

    Michelle’s work is fabulous! Great artist and quality work. I bought a similar piece from her. Called “Monkeying Around Time”… looking forward to your book release in 2112.

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