On you huskies!

As I mentioned on Twitter, I’m at an undisclosed location in the icy tundra until February 9th. Don’t believe me? Wise. I’ve been known to fib. But here are some shots of life in the frosty wilds. Tundra reading list coming soon.

The view from my window

Snow falling on writer

The house where I'm staying (hidden in the stand of trees)



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3 responses to “On you huskies!

  1. It appears from your “window” that you are actually living in the mouth of a big ice fish.

  2. looks like the house of my dreams. amazing location.

  3. I loved it. But, as a guest, I also didn’t have to worry about shoveling snow or keeping the heat on. Not sure I have the frontiersman spirit to handle the tundra year-round.

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