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Sparkle in a Jar!

From Jonathan Adler’s Barbie collection at Royal T. I wanted them all but I limited myself to one. Can you guess which?


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Too Much Bubbly: Why Glee Needs to Sober Up

Glee is frequently muddled in its message and its plot and, usually, I don’t much care. It’s one of the few shows that I really look forward to every week and I don’t need it to hold together on every level. But I was really irked by last night’s episode and its decidedly bleary focus on teen drinking.

According to Glee, as long as you don’t drive drunk, the worst repercussions from getting wasted seem to be 1. You kiss a dreamy gay boy 2. You vomit on a friend.

Look, I like my cocktails. A lot. But I think it’s tacky and irresponsible to do a show that is explicitly about underage drinking and not even touch on issues like date rape, the shoddy decisions that get made while intoxicated, or addiction (aside from mocking 12 step programs). It doesn’t have to be A Very Special Episode, but there should at least be some suggestion that the pleasures of losing control can come with some ugly consequences. A drunk dial and a little puke just don’t cut it.


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Affordable Steampunk Baubles

I mostly feature one-of-a-kind designs on Marvelous Items, but I also like the reasonably priced pretties being created by the nice people at The Weekend Store. (Here is the “Time Flies” locket I bought at UniqueLA. A little bit Steampunk, a teensy bit Mockingjay, no?)

They also feature exposed clockwork pendants (just $28), typewriter key bracelets ($76), map lockets ($36), and transit token cufflinks ($46)– though I’m hoping they add more cities soon.

Deal: Enter coupon code “vintage” at checkout and receive 20% off your entire purchase. You can thank me later. (Note: I prefer to be thanked in jewelry or gin.)

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That “I sup on dewdrops and dine on dandelions” glow

In honor of Valentine’s day, I’ve decided to launch a new feature: “Products I Love.”

First PIL (not to be confused with PiL) designation goes to Benefit’s Posietint. This is a lip and cheek stain that will give you a dreamy, Pre-Raphaelite flush that lasts. For those of you intimidated by stains, fear not. Posietint has a little more “play” than typical stains, meaning that it stays blendabe and workable longer. And, though it looks like pink nailpolish in the bottle, it goes on sheer and the effect is 100% natural.

Use it over foundation, under bronzer, or, if you want to add a little sparkle, mix it with Benefit’s shimmering liquid highlighter, “High Beam.”

Tip: Posietint darkens slightly as it dries. Apply one layer and give it a few minutes to work its magic.

Deal: Try Posietint, High Beam, and Benetint (Benefit’s original lip and cheek stain, also gorgeous) for just $15 at Sephora.


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The Balm: Beauty Tips from the Icy Tundra

During my time on the tundra, I’ve heard a lot of talk about chapped lips. If you want to be ready to pout with fervor in all sorts of weather, just follow my lippy commandments (there’s only five and none of them involve adultery):

1. Use lip balm once or twice a day at most. Don’t become an addict. Use balm too often and your lips will stop producing their natural oils so you’re actually making life harder on yourself.

2. When your lips feel dry, don’t lick them. It just dries them out more. Gently press your lips together to stimulate oil production.

3. Use the right product: I’m partial to the reasonably priced, delightfully retro Smith’s Rosebud Salve (their web site is a wreck but I feel this adds to their charm), available many places including (unlike Sephora, they have all of the Smith’s products). Rosebud is the classic, but I use the Mocha Rose every night and could not do without it.

4. Avoid anything with menthol (I’m looking at you “medicated” Blistex). That cooling tingle can irritate chapped lips.

5. If you apply the Rosebud Salve to your lips every night, your lips should be in great shape. But if you’re going to be wearing a dark or bright lip color and want to guarantee a flawless pucker, exfoliate. There are a few lip exfoliants out there. I’m partial to Sara Happ’s lip scrubs. But if you’re in a pinch, a little brown sugar or even a regular granulated sugar packet will do. Use your finger or a disposable mascara wand to massage into the lips. Don’t go overboard, and remember to soothe with lip balm after.

Beauty questions? Send them my way and I’ll do my very best to answer.


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