That “I sup on dewdrops and dine on dandelions” glow

In honor of Valentine’s day, I’ve decided to launch a new feature: “Products I Love.”

First PIL (not to be confused with PiL) designation goes to Benefit’s Posietint. This is a lip and cheek stain that will give you a dreamy, Pre-Raphaelite flush that lasts. For those of you intimidated by stains, fear not. Posietint has a little more “play” than typical stains, meaning that it stays blendabe and workable longer. And, though it looks like pink nailpolish in the bottle, it goes on sheer and the effect is 100% natural.

Use it over foundation, under bronzer, or, if you want to add a little sparkle, mix it with Benefit’s shimmering liquid highlighter, “High Beam.”

Tip: Posietint darkens slightly as it dries. Apply one layer and give it a few minutes to work its magic.

Deal: Try Posietint, High Beam, and Benetint (Benefit’s original lip and cheek stain, also gorgeous) for just $15 at Sephora.



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2 responses to “That “I sup on dewdrops and dine on dandelions” glow

  1. Laura

    OK, I just ordered this. You had me at dewdrops! And I’m always looking for more play.

  2. Heh! It’s going to look sooooo good on you. Let me know when it arrives!

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