Too Much Bubbly: Why Glee Needs to Sober Up

Glee is frequently muddled in its message and its plot and, usually, I don’t much care. It’s one of the few shows that I really look forward to every week and I don’t need it to hold together on every level. But I was really irked by last night’s episode and its decidedly bleary focus on teen drinking.

According to Glee, as long as you don’t drive drunk, the worst repercussions from getting wasted seem to be 1. You kiss a dreamy gay boy 2. You vomit on a friend.

Look, I like my cocktails. A lot. But I think it’s tacky and irresponsible to do a show that is explicitly about underage drinking and not even touch on issues like date rape, the shoddy decisions that get made while intoxicated, or addiction (aside from mocking 12 step programs). It doesn’t have to be A Very Special Episode, but there should at least be some suggestion that the pleasures of losing control can come with some ugly consequences. A drunk dial and a little puke just don’t cut it.


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3 responses to “Too Much Bubbly: Why Glee Needs to Sober Up

  1. jimmy

    agreed. agreed. agreed.

    I loved drunk Santana though.

    • I really did, too. I liked all the drunk girl categories. But how come no drunk boy categories? Would have been such an easy way to touch on the issue above without getting too heavy.

  2. I really want someone to write some drunk boy categories now.

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