The Cruel Sting of the Lash(es)

The number one product I get asked about is mascara. But before we get into my favorites, I need to make something clear.

To the right, I’ve included an image from an ad for Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara. There is no mascara that will give you lashes like these. This look is achieved through the use of fake lashes and A LOT of Photoshop. It’s absurd that cosmetic companies are allowed to advertise mascaras with ads like this. Don’t believe the hype.

Okay, now that we have our expectations in check, let’s get to the products that deliver!

L’Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black: Yes, my all time favorite mascara isn’t Dior Show or Chanel Fancypants, it’s a drugstore brand. Gives you lush, glossy, gorgeous lashes and you can get it just about anywhere. (Legendary makeup artist Billy B recommended it at a show and, once I tried it, I never looked back– without batting my fantastic lashes).

But what if you really need your mascara to stay put? Most waterproof mascaras are awful. They flake, they make your lashes look and feel like plastic, and they’re a pain to remove. Imagine my joy when the amazing Kevin James Bennett introduced me to Blinc and Fiberwig (goofy name, great mascara).

Blinc comes in multiple colors, features a skinny, easy to manage mascara wand, and is cruelty free.

Fiberwig is available at Sephora, features a thicker brush, and only comes in black, but it can be layered to create a false lash effect.

They’re similar to the “tube” mascaras that cropped up a couple of years ago, but they don’t require a basecoat. This saves you time and gives you a more natural look. Cry, sweat, bob for apples– as long as you don’t rub your eyes, these mascaras will stay put and they can be removed with warm water and your ordinary facial cleanser.

We’ll save the mysteries of Latisse and false lashes for another day.



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10 responses to “The Cruel Sting of the Lash(es)

  1. Thank you for the above disclaimer. I’ve been really irritated looking at that photoshopped ads for mascara in magazines. Do they really think we’re that stupid? Oh, wait, many of us are.

  2. Unfortunately, I think a lot of women don’t realize just how much insane photoshopping and even CGI work goes into ads. I love glamour and I’m fine with “aspirational” images, but I’ve been surprised by how many people buy into these impossible expectations.

  3. I’d complain about the PhotoShop as well, but I have bigger things to tend to–like how by mid-day my mascara takes a migratory tour down my face. Any tips on keeping that shiz in check?

    And thank you for not listing Great Lash. Can’t stand the stuff.

  4. First of all, how cute do you look in your little avatar picture?

    My best advice for avoiding the mid-day March of the Mascara is to use Blinc or Fiberwig. Seriously, these brands are the shiz. But if you’re addicted to your brand, try this:

    Before you apply your mascara, use a translucent powder on your lids and under your eyes. (I like Makeup Forever HD.) It will help to reduce the sweat and oils that tend to lead to mascara migration.

    I loathe Great Lash and I don’t understand why it still shows up on “Best of” lists.

  5. Thanks! Ryan took it.

    It’s going to be hard to give up my Physicians’ Formula Plump Potion, but I’ll give Blinc or Fiberwig a try. Thanks for the tips.

    I just read about “tube” mascaras and that sounds terrifying.

  6. Morgan

    Tube mascara IS terrifying.

    I confess that for day wear, I actually always liked “clear” mascara, though I don’t think it does much but add shine. Do they still make that?

  7. Whenever clients are vacationing or honeymooning in sunny climes, I always recommend a lash tint. It’s the no-mascara answer for those of us not blessed with Morgan’s naturally gorgeous lashes. And, yes, it’s absolutely the most natural look.

    Water-activated cake mascaras are also VERY natural looking but they’re just too prone to smudges and smears. (Still, I’ve used them to darken guys’ lashes for photoshoots.)

    I’m pretty sure that Naimie’s ( carries clear mascara.

  8. Thank you for this! I seriously am ultra-retarded on the “what mascara to buy” front, I am galloping down to Sephora for my Fiberwig!

  9. I’m picturing you riding into Sephora on a magnificent white horse. Demand gift with purchase!

    (Let me know what you think of the Fiberwig!)

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