The Clock Is Ticking

I’m deep in the revisions bunker, but one must have diversions. This one was supplied by the stunning and talented Eleanor Sabaduquia, a fellow makeup artist who is also responsible for my unhealthy Game of Thrones obsession. (Okay, she got me into the books. I guess I can’t blame her for the fact that they broke something in my brain.)

The video is long and not without dull moments but there are so many lovely, mind-bending surprises. Very Gilliam-esque.



Filed under The Violet Hour

3 responses to “The Clock Is Ticking

  1. Eleanor Sabaduquia

    I love your blog design, thanks for the mention! Although I have other things for you to be obsessed about, heheheheheh….

  2. Morgan

    Is that the clock that the rich guy who ordered it liked so much he had the clockmaker blinded/ crippled so he’d never be able to make another one?

  3. Really? I have no idea. If so, then that’s a steampunk cautionary tale waiting to happen.

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