St. Barts in a Bottle

Though the abomination that is Disney’s desecration of Miss Marple has worked me into a bit of a tizzy, I promised a break from the grumping and a return to frivolity. So, this week, I present my favorite bronzer of all time, Revolotion by DuWop. I have tried lots of bronzers (I’ll cover a few more of them as we get closer to summer), but I keep coming back to Revolotion and here’s why:

1. Because it’s a cream and not a powder, it gives you a gorgeous, dewy glow that looks truly natural in any light. It won’t cake up or sink into fine lines and you can layer it without looking harsh.

2. It’s low on glitter. I love sparkle but so many bronzers go overboard (Benefit’s Hoola is a notable exception but can be tricky to apply). I want to look sun-kissed, not like Edward Cullen on a beach day.

3. It looks great on even the very palest skin.

I go through vats of this stuff. It’s great on face and body and can be a nice summer option in place of tinted moisturizer. You can apply it with fingertips or, my preferred method, a flat synthetic kabuki brush. Revolotion comes in Original (my go-to) and Deep (intense but still very natural color).  TIP: Revolotion doesn’t fully set– such is the price we pay for dewiness. So if you use it on your body or decolletage make sure to avoid light-colored clothing or you may end up with transfer.



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2 responses to “St. Barts in a Bottle

  1. Since I hale from a short and pasty people, bronzer seems like something I should look into — perhaps this will be the one. Of course, my TEARS OF RAGE over this Miss Marple nonsense will just leave messy tracks in it, so maybe not. What’s next? Jack Black as Poirot?

  2. omg. I went Joe Jonas as Poirot, but Jack Black is so much more plausible/horrible.

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