The Harbinger… of Style!

I’ve decided to take a break from my ongoing coverage of the coverage of the Game of Thrones coverage for a little retail therapy.

My taste in jewelry tends to skew a little… baroque, but occasionally I find modern pieces that I adore. Right now, I’m loving California-based Harbinger, not only for their apocalyptic name, but for their clean bamboo designs.

I found these double-triangle earrings at last year’s Renegade Crafts Fair. I call them Silverlake-safe because they always make me feel chic, even when I venture out amid the hipsters. (A filthy business, my friends, and not to be entered into lightly.)

Deal: Harbinger is running a Mother’s Day special: Enter “merci” at checkout and get 20% off.

Blog-appropriate aside: I just learned that Harbinger is also a DC Comics superheroine from the 80s… who wears a deeply whack helmet.


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5 responses to “The Harbinger… of Style!

  1. Love this site now! Thanks for the new addiction….

  2. Morgan

    Oh, my god.

    I am about to get soooooooo nerdy here.

    If that Harbinger is the one I’m thinking of, she wasn’t exactly a superheroine, she was… a literal harbinger, the portent that arrived on a plane of reality before it started to be destroyed by blank white nothingness. This was in Crisis on Infinite Earths, which was actually a pretty powerful piece of writing in its attempt to create a coherent, single universe/ reality for the DC characters to inhabit. If I recall correctly, she didn’t have any actual agency, she just showed up when a world was about to get dissolved.

    I can’t find any good online shots of the way they did the oncoming blankness of doooooooom, or you would understand why I find certain of L.A.’s June gloom-y textureless overcast low visibility days to be so. fucking. creepy.

  3. Oh Morgan. You’ve outgeeked me and I LOVE IT.

  4. Morgan

    Let’s keep it between us, shall we??;)

  5. Lucky for you, you’re one of six people who read this blog 😉

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