Delicious Cringe

Late on the update this week because I’ve been in the revisions bunker, but now I emerge with treasure in hand: I found my diaries from 5th grade through college and good gravy they are hilarious/humiliating/occasionally heartbreaking.

The early stuff is just funny. (On exchanging Christmas presents with my 6th grade boyfriend: “I gave him this rad magnetic art thing and he gave me soap!! Lame!!!”) But around age 13, I leave giddy exclamation points behind and start making PROFOUND STATEMENTS. My favorite find thus far:

“Boys are like horses. They’re bigger and stronger than us, but not smarter. If they sense our nervousness and fear, they either run so fast that we hold tight for fear of being left behind, or they buck us and we’re lucky not to land in a pile of shit that they made or get kicked in the head by a stray hoof. And the worst of it is that they do none of this with spite.”

So young, so wise, so prone to run-on sentences and profanity. Hmm, maybe I haven’t changed that much at all.


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8 responses to “Delicious Cringe

  1. That was pretty f’ing insightful for any age, I think! Have you heard of I think your journals would provide much fodder.

  2. Omg, I was looking through mine the other day. Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys stickers covered most of the surfaces, but it was mostly about what I thought about other people. I’d write their name at the top of the page and JUDGED them. I guess I haven’t changed that much either.

    Also, I didn’t know you did MAKEUP! I lovvveeeeeeee it. I love beauty photography and fashion photography that uses lots of makeup.

    Sigh..wish you lived in NY so we could do photoshoots.


  3. Thanks, Sarah! I think my Dear Teen Me would go something like, “Don’t be a jackass. Also, enjoy your metabolism.”

    Zoraida, I did the EXACT SAME THING in grade school. I actually called them “Friend Evaluations” and there was much profanity and many exclamation points. The horror.

  4. Oh my God you were a brilliant, insightful kid! Very apt metaphor.

  5. Alas, I think I peaked early 😉

  6. You might be the smartest 13yo I’ve ever known…

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