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Sweet Salvage

One of my favorite finds from Saturday’s Renegade Craft Fair was Blue Ribbon Salvage. Melissa Abercrombie collects vintage medals from the mid-1800s and early 20th century and turns them into very wearable lovelies.

It was tough to choose but I limited myself to two Marvelous Items

This medal celebrates 50 years with the Belgian postal service. Okay, not the most glamorous theme, but I just love the image of these two ladies sending letters across the world. (In sheer frocks, of course. That’s how I manage all my correspondence.) Front & back:

The second piece is a vintage Knights of Pythias medal that features a stag on one side and a knight on the other. His shield shows the KofP motto: Friendship, Charity, Benevolence, but I’m more a House Baratheon kind of girl. Ours is the Fury, indeed.

I had such fun chatting with Melissa. She’s based in Petaluma, and has medals of every variety– divers, deco telegraph priestesses, even geese and pigs.

If there’s a specific image you’re looking for, drop her an email. She has tons of gorgeous creations that don’t make it onto her blog.


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Club Med: The Grisha Sells in Greece & Italy!

It occurred to me that this blog isn’t just for crazed bleating about Game of Thrones or tinted foundation. I can actually post information about, you know, my BOOK. So prepare for your first Official Grisha Update.

A while back, I tweeted that the Grisha Trilogy had sold in the UK, France, and Germany. Well, Greece and Italy have joined the list! Edizione Piemme will be bringing Book 1 to Italy. Psichogios will be doing the same in Greece. I’m thrilled, delighted, and just generally quite giddy.

I can also share some of the details of the other European deals: The trilogy will be published by Carlsen in Germany and by Bragelonne in France. Orion will be bringing the trilogy to the UK as one of the first titles published by their new YA imprint, Indigo.

Three thoughts on all of this news:

1. It’s still hard for me to believe that I’ll be published in English, let alone in four other languages. I can’t wait to hold all of the translations in my greedy little hands.

2. These are wonderful houses with legendary science fiction, fantasy, and kidlit authors on their lists. I’m truly honored to be in their company.

3. How amazing are foreign rights agents Jaqueline Murphy and Kathleen Ortiz for making these deals happen? (I guess we already knew Joanna Volpe was The Stuff so I shouldn’t really be shocked at the badassery of her cohorts.)


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