Sweet Salvage

One of my favorite finds from Saturday’s Renegade Craft Fair was Blue Ribbon Salvage. Melissa Abercrombie collects vintage medals from the mid-1800s and early 20th century and turns them into very wearable lovelies.

It was tough to choose but I limited myself to two Marvelous Items

This medal celebrates 50 years with the Belgian postal service. Okay, not the most glamorous theme, but I just love the image of these two ladies sending letters across the world. (In sheer frocks, of course. That’s how I manage all my correspondence.) Front & back:

The second piece is a vintage Knights of Pythias medal that features a stag on one side and a knight on the other. His shield shows the KofP motto: Friendship, Charity, Benevolence, but I’m more a House Baratheon kind of girl. Ours is the Fury, indeed.

I had such fun chatting with Melissa. She’s based in Petaluma, and has medals of every variety– divers, deco telegraph priestesses, even geese and pigs.

If there’s a specific image you’re looking for, drop her an email. She has tons of gorgeous creations that don’t make it onto her blog.


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  1. Thank you Leigh for your support and kind words!
    Best Wishes!

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