40 Winks at SCBWI

I popped by the LA SCBWI pajama party on Saturday night. Got to meet some wonderful people, including some of my fellow Apocalypsies and the amazing Ellen Oh, and I got to thank Casey McCormick for her blog. (If you’re looking for an agent and trying to get a handle on the industry, I cannot recommend her site enough.) I have to say, the dance floor at this party was insane– packed, jumping, screaming, singing, no pretensions, no holding back, just full-throttle, unabashed happiness. IT. WAS. AWESOME. I was so busy bouncing around and acting a fool that I didn’t get many photos, but here are a few…

Pigtail up—->

Getting ready for the big event. Okay, I love this picture. 1. It’s flattering.  2. I have a little David Bowie heterochromia action happening. 3. It shows off my OCC liptar in NSFW.

<— The Full Pajama!

Me with Sara Wilson Etienne, author of HARBINGER. She’s eating one of my pigtails. I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing.





I do not have a crowd shot that does the craziness justice.

At all.


<— Authors Gretchen McNeil (POSSESS) and Abby MacDonald (THE ANTI-PROM) get sultry.







And finally… the most disturbing ensemble of the evening. Hello, squirrel.—>

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