Gretchen McNeil, a fellow member of the Apocalypsies (and righteous vixen), is celebrating the launch of her new YA paranormal, POSSESSED all month long. (Check out the creepy trailer here.) As part of the festivities, she’s putting on a scavenger hunt– with prizes! And I’m one of the stops! So, collect this link and do all you can to get swagged.

I took my sweet Vade Retro Satana tattoo to my favorite beauty supply stop in Los Angeles, Naimies. Here, I contemplate making war on the ancient forces of evil while finding the right foundation.

But Gretchen’s heroine Bridget is a little too badass for all that, so I took myself to the FX section to get some fake blood.

That’s more like it! Good luck, treasure hunters!

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One response to “Get POSSESSED!

  1. I like the Santana tattoo, but I hope you got a matching one for Brittney.

    Is this a live action scavenger hunt or is it somehow online? if live, when?

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