First Look! The Interior of SHADOW & BONE

Yesterday, I got all kinds of amazing news that, unfortunately, I’m not free to share yet. (No, not a Grisha movie, keep your pants on… Actually, just because it’s not a movie deal, there’s no reason for us to be formal. Make yourself comfortable.)

But I am free to present a peek at the interior of the SHADOW & BONE ARC. These pages were designed by the marvelous April Ward. She captured the look and feel of my world so beautifully, and I am just in awe.

Chapter Opener:

A list of Grisha Orders that will appear at the beginning of the book:

And, of course, the Title Page:

Coming soon: ARC release date, some incredible news about the Shadow & Bone map, and… COVER!!


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30 responses to “First Look! The Interior of SHADOW & BONE

  1. Beautiful. Ghostly. & Intriguing. Can’t wait to hold it in my hands.

  2. GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to hear your good news!!

  3. This is phenomenal. I want to go into this world. HJ wants to know if she can be etherealki.

  4. paula evans

    well hurry up and get this out. Cant wait to read it! HUGS AND KISSES

  5. Thanks, peoples! I can’t stop staring at them.

    And HJ would make a fantastic Etherealnik. Now she just has to choose: Squaller, Tidemaker, or Inferni?

  6. Rylee

    It sounds like it’s gonna be awesome! Can’t wait to read it ^^

  7. HOLY SHIT. That is stunning. I have CHILLS right now!!!! (and I might be a little teary-eyed)

    Wow, it’s SO incredible. Totally fits the vibe of your amazing book, too! I’m so glad they did it justice. ❤ ❤ ❤


  8. Oh my goodness, how beautiful!! I can’t wait to see the cover, Leigh…

  9. BEAUTIFUL! i just came across your blog through twitter and i love it! also, SHADOW & BONE sounds incredible!<3

  10. Stunning design! So beautiful. And, OMG, that’s your name in print!

  11. Morgan

    LOVE. But you knew that. I am particularly fond of the onion dome border and the font they use for your name/ the first words of the chapter (what is the latter thing called, btw?).

  12. Lizzie (Iris)

    Well, it’s no Bubbling Broth, but… It’s exquisite and I’m thrilled for you. Everything I ever thought you would do! Can hardly wait to read it. Midwest book tour?

  13. Holy CRAP! This are GORGEOUS! This book is going to be an entire sensory experience!!!!!!!

  14. Rachel T

    Hell Yeah! The artwork is straight up BADASS! Can’t wait to get the book!

  15. *swoon* *thud*

    They’re breathtaking, Leigh — so very thrilled for you!

  16. Gorgeous! It really helps hint at the atmosphere of the book. 🙂

  17. Beautiful and haunting and all around STUNNING! I’m so excited for you, and SO EXCITED TO READ!!! 🙂

  18. Omg gorgeois, as Tara Banks says on ANTM. Kristen Kittscher said you were a super sweet local author I should meet, so hello!

  19. Soooooo I’ve been out of the loop lately, and I can’t believe I haven’t seen this until now.
    But. These are beyond gorgeous, no kidding.


    So, I’m a little late to this party, but I am nevertheless so amazed and cannot wait to get the book! What a thrill to see your name over “Henry Holt Publisher”! WOW!! Congratulations!

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  23. Really gorgeous, it looks like One thousand and one nights story.
    I just saw the cover at The Story Siren.

  24. candice j

    love the look!

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  27. nika lee

    Hello, is this really you?

    Where are your casting calls for your movie being held?

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