How is it possible that it took me this long to be the Kurgan for Halloween? Why did it never occur to me before? Am I getting in touch with my inner child? My inner villain? Or was it just the right year to go EPIC? (For a brief rundown on the Kurgan and the perils of 80s fashion, click here.)

Unfortunately, I did a shoddy job of documenting my costume, but hopefully some of the nice people I met at Saturday’s party will send me pics and I’ll post them. There were big boots. And a sword. My custom feathered skull helm was created by Bubbles and Frown, the same marvelous milliner responsible for last week’s Day of the Dead horns.

Happy Halloween, you glorious monsters!


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3 responses to “Superbad

  1. Ha! Amazing! Oh the power of the internets to unite Kurgans. We’re like before and after. But you definitely nabbed the better broadsword!

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