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Fierce Creatures (and other fun news)

The Official Cover of Shadow and Bone was revealed this week!

News has been leaking all week about this summer’s Fierce Reads tour, so I’m now free to make a SPECIAL OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT THAT REQUIRES TRUMPETS. *cue trumpets*

This June, I’ll be hitting the road with a whole bevvy of Mac Kids authors for a big ol’ book tour! Prepare yourself, America.

Appearing at all of the dates, will be the Fierce Four: Anna Banks (Of Poseidon), Emmy Laybourne (Monument 14), and Jennifer Bosworth (Struck). 

We’ll be joined at various stops by special guests Marissa Meyer (Cinder) and Jessica Brody (52 Reasons to Hate My Father, My Life Undecided). (At which point, we become the Fearsome Five or the Unalliterative But Still Enthralling Six.)

Tour dates, times, and details below. Make sure to “like” the Fierce Reads page on Facebook for updates. (And I’ll also be doing a few events and cons by my lonesome, so do drop by the events page of my fancy new web site for more info.)

  • 6/5—Mrs. Nelson’s Toy and Bookshop (LaVerne, CA) at 7 PM
  • 6/6—Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego, CA) at 7 PM
  • 6/7—Books Inc. Not Your Mother’s Book Club (San Francisco, CA) at 7 PM
  • 6/8—Copperfield’s (Petaluma, CA) at 3 PM
  • 6/8—Kepler’s Books (Menlo Park, CA) at 7 PM
  • 6/9—Third Place Books (Lake Forest Park, WA) at 6:30 PM
  • 6/10—Village Books (Bellingham, WA) at 4 PM
  • 6/11—Kings English (Salt Lake City, UT) at 7 PM
  • 6/12—Provo Library (Provo, UT) at 7 PM
  • 6/13—Blue Willow (Houston, TX) at Noon
  • 6/14—Anderson’s Bookstore (Naperville, IL) at 7 PM
  • 6/15—Schuler Books & Music (Lansing, MI) at 6 PM
  • 6/16—Florida
  • 6/17—Oblong Books (Rhinebeck, NY) at 4 PM
  • 6/18—Books of Wonder (New York, NY) at 6 PM


1. There’s still time to enter to win an ARC of Shadow and Bone on The Story Siren!

2. As mentioned above, a few weeks ago I quietly launched my new site, It was designed and built by the amazing Denise Biondo who I cannot recommend highly enough, and if you pop by the World of the Grisha section, you’ll discover lots of fun new content.

3. And finally, in case you doubted that I wouldn’t find someplace to wear that feather headdress, behold:

See? It’s already paying for itself. Never call me frivolous again.



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New York Valentine

My first job out of college was in Manhattan. I left six months later, thoroughly pummeled. I was broke. I’d quit my job. I had no idea what I was doing with my life. When asked about New York, I complained about the crowds, the noise, the smells. But New York and I knew the truth: I might be the one who was leaving, but the city had dumped me.

I’ve been back to visit since, always as a tourist. Pleasant trips, but it was always like seeing an ex after a bad breakup. “Oh, wow, New York, you’re looking great. Me? I’m, you know, I’m doing my thing.”

This time was different. This time, I came to the city to meet my editor and my agent for the first time. I came as a soon-to-be-published author. I came to eat cupcakes and drink champagne. This time, it was like running into an ex on a good hair day with Ryan Gosling on my arm. “Hey girl, is that your ex boyfriend? I thought he’d be taller.”

This is all my way of saying that this trip was, like so many things lately, a wonderful, magical dream of a trip, another shocking reminder to be grateful for the luck I’ve had and the people who have made it all possible. So now, pictures!!

The pastry case.

I met my editor at the charming La Maison du Macaron where we breakfasted on almond croissants roughly the size of my head (and as my milliner can tell you, I’ve a prodigous cranium).



The legendary Flatiron building, home to Macmillan!

I spent the day at Macmillan, meeting some of the amazing, charming, funny, delightful, dedicated people from Mac Kids and Henry Holt that are making Shadow and Bone into a real book. I was only sorry that I didn’t have more time to get to know everyone. The day was over before it began, taken up by meals and meetings, and all kinds of exciting plans for the Grisha Trilogy. (Many fun announcements to come!)

By the time, we finished up with a reception in one of the conference rooms, I was positively giddy. But the reception put me right over the top. There were cupcakes and champagne, and I nearly died when I saw they’d decorated the walls with Shadow & Bone themed conversation hearts. Did I choke up? Of course, I did.

At the reception

Agent Joanna Volpe, Me, Editor Noa Wheeler

"Be silly!" If you insist...

Other highpoints?

Meeting Zoraida Cordova (fellow Apocalypsie and author of The Vicious Deep) at the over the top Lillie’s Victorian Bar and Restaurant.










And then, the Russian Tea Room. THE RUSSIAN TEA ROOM! Jo, Noa, and I had a PRIVATE TOUR, followed by a decadent (and delicious) dinner that involved much vodka, caviar, and sour cherry blintzes. This place is not just about the extravagant setting. The food was amazing and the cocktails were some of the best I had in the city.

(Left to right from top: The Tsar’s Living Room; fireplace detail; carpet detail; Model of Moscow; Dancing Bear Room, chandelier–note the carthwheeling bear on the bottom rung; the room we decided to call the Enchanted Forest; juggling bear with goldfish in his belly–in case you’re wondering, the fish are fed by removing the bear’s head… of course; Jo, Noa, and I huddled up in the wilds of Tsibeya.)

I just had time to glimpse the tents set up for Fashion Week at Bryant Park, say hello to the lions at the library, and visit a dive bar with old friends Brad Farwell and Jean Paul Tremblay, before I had to get back on a plane to Los Angeles.

It was hard to say goodbye. You still look good, New York and, finally, I think we can be friends.


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My World: Rocked

Fairly sure I’ll be hit by a meteor soon. No girl can be this lucky.

When I was working on Shadow & Bone, back before it even had a title, I sometimes daydreamed about seeing a map of the world I’d imagined. Then I’d catch myself and squash that fantasy. I didn’t have an agent. I hadn’t finished a real draft. Who did I think I was? Technically, this isn’t a dream come true because I never really let myself believe this moment could happen.

Without further ado, I present Keith Thompson‘s map of Ravka.

(click to enlarge)

Stay tuned for an interview with Keith about how he works and the process of bringing Ravka to life.


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Drama Queen

So, I already have a very friendly author photo taken by the lovely and talented Teness Herman. But, in case the feather headdress didn’t give it away, I do love a little spectacle. I was recently lucky enough to shoot with photographer/painter/supergenius Kevin Rolly and I think it’s time to up the drama for the jacket of Shadow & Bone. I’ve winnowed my favorites down to these three. Little help?




Cast your votes in the comments section. Drama!


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Dirty Pop

The weekend in review…

Movie: Chronicle. A week ago, I hadn’t even heard of this movie. Then I caught the trailer and needed to see it IMMEDIATELY. (Behold the power of a great trailer.) I wasn’t disappointed. It’s kind of CARRIE meets AMERICAN PIE. Okay, maybe not, but it is a great superhero/supervillain origin story. There are a few gaps and false notes, but I was blown away by how authentic the camaraderie between the leads felt and this was so much more entertaining than the big action flicks I saw over the holidays. The set pieces come fast and furious in Chronicle without awkward setups or elaborate preludes. I’d pit Andrew’s close-encounter with a jet plane against Tom Cruise stuck to the side of a hotel any day.

Book: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I have to thank my friend and MacKids cohort Jennifer Bosworth (author of the upcoming 2012 debut Struck) for this rec. Sharp Objects is most definitely not YA. It’s a brutal psychological thriller set in a small town in Missouri, a graphic blend of sexuality and violence that almost revels in the grotesque. It’s also totally fascinating. I’m pretty sure this is a feminist text disguised as momcore. [For those of you unfamiliar with momcore, it’s basically Law & Order SVU– vicious (especially heinous?) crimes, usually perpetrated on women and girls, usually solved by a ruggedly handsome cop/journalist/former-special-ops-guy with a troubled past.] Sharp Objects is not about an outsider observing and punishing, but about the relationship between observer and victim, exploitation and beauty, violence and the female body. A really surprising take on the genre.

Spectacle: Madonna at the Superbowl. Yes, she looked a bit stiff and awkward in those heels. True, that new song sounds like a six-years-out-of-date Gwen Stefani rip-off best suited to the opening credits of an ABC Family movie. But I DO NOT CARE. Have you ever seen such an insane, over the top, epic, amazing entrance? That’s how I want to show up at book signings– wearing a giant SheRa crown and born aloft by an army of gladiators. THIS IS SPARKLY SPARTA! Then those giant LEDs! And she climbed on LMFAO! Nicki Minaj rapping like she is magical and from space! Drumline! Gospel choir! Cee Lo and the church of cell phones and my favorite karaoke song of all time! Let me tell you something people, this is the sign we’ve been waiting for: GLAMAGGEDON IS HERE.


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Fine Feather

Front view

As promised in last week’s New Orleans wrap-up, here is the headdress I purchased at Maskarade on St. Ann Street.

The artist is Jane Clugston and you can find more of her work in her etsy store. I have no idea where I’ll wear it or with what, but somehow the opportunity always presents itself.

Side view

For now, we’ll call it a shout out to Jodi Meadows’ new release, Incarnate.

In other news, I’ve mentioned before that Shadow & Bone will be published in the UK by Orion’s new YA imprint, Indigo (under the title The Gathering Dark). I recently got this lovely invitation to the Orion Group Author Party in London. Champagne! Canapes! The Natural History Museum! Sigh. Almost tempted to pack my headdress and hop the next British Airways flight. Who wants to be my date?


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