Fine Feather

Front view

As promised in last week’s New Orleans wrap-up, here is the headdress I purchased at Maskarade on St. Ann Street.

The artist is Jane Clugston and you can find more of her work in her etsy store. I have no idea where I’ll wear it or with what, but somehow the opportunity always presents itself.

Side view

For now, we’ll call it a shout out to Jodi Meadows’ new release, Incarnate.

In other news, I’ve mentioned before that Shadow & Bone will be published in the UK by Orion’s new YA imprint, Indigo (under the title The Gathering Dark). I recently got this lovely invitation to the Orion Group Author Party in London. Champagne! Canapes! The Natural History Museum! Sigh. Almost tempted to pack my headdress and hop the next British Airways flight. Who wants to be my date?


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9 responses to “Fine Feather

  1. That headdress is MAHVELOUS. Let’s throw a big author masquerade ball just so you can wear it, eh? (And it’ll give me an excuse to buy my own!)

  2. Beth

    Ooh, feathers! They’re appropriate for any occasion. 😉 And yay London! Let me and Adam know if you need a cheering section anywhere.

  3. Thank you, lovelies! YES to a masquerade ball anywhere, at any time.
    Beth, there’s a good chance I’ll be in London in September and I would be so very grateful for a cheering section (and perhaps a few cocktails?).

  4. paula evans

    I could certainly use that headdress while doing the mound of dishes that reside in my sink!

  5. I would of bought the headdress as well. I’ve always wanted to buy something like a masquerade mask. Do you have carnival where you are? That cold be an excuse why you bought or that it was just too fabulous not to get it 🙂

    Congratulations on getting published in the UK.

    • No Carnival in LA, but some friends will be throwing a Mardis Gras party in February. I also just can’t seem to resist things I don’t need.

      Petra, you must go to New Orleans!! It’s a magical city.

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