Drama Queen

So, I already have a very friendly author photo taken by the lovely and talented Teness Herman. But, in case the feather headdress didn’t give it away, I do love a little spectacle. I was recently lucky enough to shoot with photographer/painter/supergenius Kevin Rolly and I think it’s time to up the drama for the jacket of Shadow & Bone. I’ve winnowed my favorites down to these three. Little help?




Cast your votes in the comments section. Drama!


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56 responses to “Drama Queen

  1. #2 or #3.. hard to pick!

  2. 2 all the way! (They are all fab though.)

  3. Hmmm, the first and third strike me the most. The first b/c the lack of eye contact is more striking. But the third one is so FIERCE haha.

    Okay, I’m going to go with #3! 😀

  4. Beth

    Love them all but am especially drawn to the sense of mystery in number 1.

  5. gogeous! #2 is my favorite!

  6. I’d say #1. They’re all beautiful, but number one seems the most author-y.

  7. #2

    I love the eye contact with the camera. Very cool. 🙂

  8. #1 – very dramatic and artisitic

  9. Tee

    #1 all the way!

  10. I love them all, but I pick the first one!

  11. Wow, those are stunning photos! I think #3 is my favorite though… 🙂

  12. While #1 is very mysterious and dramatic, #2 with the eye connection creates an amazing effect and just makes up the whole picture. #2 all the way!

  13. #1!

    I love that photo angle, and the lack of eye contact is great, IMO. 🙂

  14. These choices are always about context. You can’t judge a house based on the object itself; you judge it based on how it sits in the landscape. Same with the usage of a piece of art. In this case, you’re saying it’s a jacket photo. So that’s an element that functions to help sell a book to a reader. I like #3 for drama and artistic quality, but #1 is the winner because it’s the least threatening and most engaging. It makes the viewer pull in. You can’t help it. The other two make you say ‘stop, I’m looking at you’. They may stop traffic, but they make you nervous to get comfortable and stick around. You want your photo to pull people in and stay — that’s what #1 does.

  15. #2. Very, “you want to know what I’m up to, don’t you? Well, too bad.”

    Eeh! So excited! 🙂

  16. Adriana Marachlian

    #1 or #3 are THE BEST. I can’t even pick lol

  17. Oh man, they’re all really good…..but I think #3 is the most dramatic– I’d love to see that on a jacket cover!

  18. I don’t know John Picacio, but I agree with him. #1, Baby. You’re #1!!! (sorry couldn’t resist) Also: These are totally the author photos I would have dreamed for you the day I met you, with your knee-high shitkicker boots and badass attitude. Some things are right with the world.

  19. TWO!!! Though ALL gorgeous!

  20. Holy crap. Just… wow. I refuse to pick. They’re all amazing.

  21. I love the shape of your mouth in #1. I also like that half of your face is in shadow.. very mysterious. #3 is nice, but it feels a bit like little red riding hood. Also, I’m not sure where to focus, your hair or your face. #1 forces me to look at your face.

  22. Josh H Pille

    #1 just feels most authentic; 2 & 3 feel a little trying-too-hard.

  23. #2 -conveys mystery and strength.

  24. The middle one. Mysterious yet accessible.

  25. Mumsy

    I really like the coat. Oh, and #1 is most Grisha-like.

  26. Sarah Mesle

    It’s so clear to me that #1 is the right one that I can hardly consider the others.

  27. Angela

    I am going to vote #1, though I like them all. I think that the lighting in #1 is the most graphic, so that it will read well from a distance or with only a cursory glance. I also think that #2 and #3 are excellently subtly hostile/confrontational, which I love, but might not be the right thing for an author photo. Having seen them all together, I sort of think of #1 as you having to keep your magic laser beam wizard gaze averted so that you don’t hurt weak unsuspecting people.

  28. Sarah Fine

    All are beautiful, but I loved #1 the most.

  29. These are SO FAB. My favorite is #1!

  30. i love them all!!! Seriously love love love them all! If I had to choose I would choose in this order: 2,1,3

    But I love them all!!!

  31. tony e

    definitely #2. that’s my vote. all are awesome!

  32. tony e

    wait, no. #1. changed my mind. 😀

  33. #3 is my absolute favorite, but for a book jacket, my first instinct was that #2 was better…until I read someone’s comment that #1 was less threatening because of the lack of eye contact. So, um, you can’t go wrong!

  34. Brightblade thinks #1 is the clear choice. It tempts me closer while at the same time it makes me worry what gruesome violence will befall me if I get too close.

  35. Number 1! I also like Number 2 but Number 1 is the best!

  36. paula evans

    Although you are awesome in each of these photos (and I am sure the other thousand that you whittled away) without a doubt I LOOOOOOVE #2. You look strong sexy and mysterious. My vote is #2

  37. Vanity, thy name is Leigh! It was so fun (and delightfully flattering) to read these comments.

    I’m calling an unofficial end to the voting. Here and on Facebook, the big winner was #1 (Look away, O Drama Queen!). #2 and #3 were nearly tied for a distant second.

    Many thanks to all who voted. On June 5th, you’ll finally have proof that democracy works!

  38. Lauren T

    Ditto what Sarah M said.

  39. Shoot, I missed the vote. I would have *wanted* to vote for 2, but, after reading a few of the comments, I’d have to agree that 1 might be the best choice for a book jacket cover.

    So. Clearly, my work here is done.

  40. JoSV

    You know I <33333

  41. They are all intensely beautiful, but my favorite is #2.

  42. DEFINITELY #1 It’s got mystique, your hair is AWESOME and I love the way the shadows play upon your face. This will be sooo cool on the back cover of B&S. Nailed it.

  43. I’m so glad you picked #1, because I picked #1.

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