Tales from the Book 2 Bunker

Currently hard at work on revisions for Book 2 of the Grisha Trilogy. They’re due on my birthday! (It’s April 6th. Plan accordingly.)

When I’m bunkered down, I don’t have much time for blogging, but I thought I’d share some of the distractions that have kept me sane over the last week.

1. The new trailer for Tim Burton’s take on Dark Shadows. This is definitely not what I expected and I find myself… pleasantly surprised. I love the look and I actually laughed out loud at the trailer. (Reminded me of Addams Family 2 and, yes, that’s a compliment.) Now, don’t think I’ve forgotten the assault upon my sensibilities that was the Mad Hatter’s dance in Burton’s Alice, but I am cautiously optimistic. Also, Helena Bonham Carter looks INSANE, and that’s how I like my HBC.

2. Last week, I found out author Jenn Rush had chosen to cast the Darkling as part of the Hotties of Literature blog event. (I don’t think I will ever make peace with the term “hotties.” It always sounds like an ice cream topping to me. But I suppose there are worse things you could find on your ice cream?) Anyway, it’s so fun to see how someone else pictures your characters. And may I just say, Sean O’Pry? I appro’ve.


3. I assume you’ve seen the marvelous extended scenes from Snow White and the Huntsman:

Creepy henchman! Asskickery! The Crooked Finger of Beckoning! All fantastic.

My one qualm? In my piece comparing the trailers of both Mirror Mirror and SWATH, I speculated that the latter seemed to be creating a magical conceit directly linking beauty with military might. I still have hope, but I fear I may have spoken too soon. Though I’m still smitten, I worry that our Evil Queen may be taking us down the Bitches Be Crazy path in the forest. If her obsession is truly just staying young and gorgeous, I shall be very put out. (Also, some of the happy sunshine visuals are looking a leetle Legend, but I’ve decided to treat that giant stag as a Grisha shout out. White stags are the new unicorns.)



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2 responses to “Tales from the Book 2 Bunker

  1. Dark Shadows is definitely not what I expected either. Especially with the combination of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp in the mix, but with the two involved I can’t not watch it.

    LOL! Bitches Be Crazy? That seems to be the case with all fairy tales. Have you ever watched the series Once Upon a Time. From what I’ve seen so far, there seems to be a deeper reason why the Evil Witch hates Snow White and not just because of vanity. That would be a nice change.

    Good luck with revisions for book 2 🙂

  2. Thanks, Petra! When I’m done with revisions, I’ll give Once Upon a Time another shot. And, yes, crazy ladies are most definitely a theme in fairytales. I know that, as I grow older, I intend to become progressively crazier and eat more hearts.

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