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We have lift off!

Writing this post mid-air, on a plane headed to Texas. The Fierce Reads Tour is officially on! Tour is more exciting (and more exhausting) than I could have imagined. I promise a “True Confessions from the Road” post (with pics!) is on the horizon, but for now I want to shout out all of the amazing bloggers hosting the Grisha Trilogy blog tour. We’ve got world building, badboys, and glorious fashion (plus plenty of giveaways). Do drop by!

6/4  Bookalicious Sorry guys, the matryoshka manicure set has already been given away, but you can still learn a bit more about the Darkling on this guest post.

6/5  Fantastic Book Review A post on how the European/Russian style schism informed the look and feel of Shadow and Bone.

6/6  Playlist post at Wondrous Reads (UK) Lyrics and links to some of the music that inspired the Grisha Trilogy

6/7  Mocha Latte Reads Tongue Twister: The perils and pleasures of constructing the Ravkan language

6/8 Paperback Dolls Learn more about the Grisha Orders and check out some awesome new Grisha art from Adam Watkins

6/9 I show off the crazy messiness of my bookshelves at the Overflowing Library

6/10 SciFiChick I don’t know what possessed me, but I reveal excerpts from the dreadful fantasy novel I started writing at age 12

6/11 Interview at Realm of Fiction (UK) Who would you most like to cross the Fold with?

6/12  Mermaid Vision Playlists Part 2- Character specific songs for Alina, Mal, and the Darkling

6/13 Gollancz (UK) Sticks and Stones: My Approach to World Building

6/14  The Book Muncher Seven Reasons to Travel to Ravka

6/15  Serendipity Reviews  (UK) Big Break Interview on landing a wonderful agent and the road to publication

6/16  Karin’s Book Nook Just what is a kefta? Dress like a Grisha.

6/17  I’d So Rather Be Reading Q&A

6/18  Once Upon a Bookcase (UK) The Appeal of the Badboy

6/19  A Q&A with the Fable Faerie

6/20  Willa’s Ramblings Interview: Willa and I talk inspiration and process

6/21   Falcata Times Game of Thrones as Game Changer

6/22   Cuddlebuggery Kat and Steph put me through the paces.

6/23  The Hiding Spot Q&A with Sarah including title trauma, my secret past as a beer girl, and my favorite words.

6/24  Watercolor Moods I bust out my makeup artist brushes for some Grisha beauty tips




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Thank You

Almost 4 am and I have never been more deeply tired or more deeply grateful. Just a few hours ago, I got to celebrate the release of Shadow and Bone at a pre-launch party at Skylight Books. Later today, I’ll be kicking off the Fierce Reads tour with an amazing group of authors at Mrs. Nelson’s. I need to go to sleep (I need to pack!), but I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you– to my wonderful friends, my family, the incredible community of authors, bloggers, and readers I’ve come to know locally and online. Thank you for being a part of this lovely, longed for, surprising dream come true.

All the love in my drowsy, happy heart,



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