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GIVEAWAY! SSaD Outbreak!


All week, we’re celebrating the launch of Susan Dennard’s Something Strange and Deadly with amazing one-day giveaways.

The winner of yesterday’s SSaDOutbreak giveaway is Sara M.! Make sure to contact Kat Zhang to nab your ARCs of ORIGIN by Jessica Khoury and SKINNY by Donna Cooner.

For my giveaway, I wanted to focus on the unique historical setting and steampunk style of SSaD. Susan Dennard’s 1876 Philadelphia is a city bristling with new technology and necromancy– think corsets, brilliant inventors, society parties, and, of course, the walking dead.

Armed only with a parasol, how does one take out a zombie?

Words to live by.

So, today and ONLY TODAY, you have the chance to win

A black lace PARASOL inspired by heroine Eleanor Fitt


A QUERY CRITIQUE from agent Joanna Volpe of New Leaf Literary.

Yes, that’s right. Not only can you stay out of the sun in high Victorian style, you can have your work critiqued by a fabulous agent who not only reps me and Susan Dennard, but also (ahem) Veronica Roth.

You have two ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment below.

2. Tweet about this giveaway using hashtag #SSaDOutbreak and #parasol

Suggested tweet: Today only! Win a #parasol and query critique from agent Joanna Volpe!! Join the #SSaDOutbreak at

Please note: This giveaway is US only. Entries close at MIDNIGHT, so get on it!

The winner will be announced tomorrow on the next stop of the blog tour, so be sure to check back. Here’s what’s still ahead:

– Friday 7/27: Amie Kaufman chats about SS&D and love interests
– Monday 7/30: Marie Lu takes a look at SS&D and action
– Tuesday 7/31: Susan Dennard announces the grand prize winner!
In the meantime, don’t forget to enter the grand prize giveaway for a chance to snag some epic prizes– an amazon gift card, highly coveted ARCs, crits from authors Erin Bowman and Sarah J. Maas and agent Joanna Volpe, and more! For details on how to enter, click here.



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Dark Knights, Bad Girls, Red Lips

I’m in revisions so I’m going to skip a full review, dodge the politics, and just offer these few thoughts on Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises:

* Despite my love for all things Batman, I was dreading watching this film. The trailers made it look so unrelentingly bleak, and with a running time of almost three hours, it felt like a pretty miserable way to celebrate my friend Morgan’s birthday. Well, turns out I not only have to eat my hat but my cape and cowl as well, because I LOVED IT.

I think this is because, more than any of the Batman films, it felt most true in spirit to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. This was the graphic novel that brought me back to superhero comics as a teen. Say what you will about Miller, but I think this book was for me what Watchmen seems to be for everybody else. It was bloody and brutal and sad and so effing human. Also, goofy 80s sunglasses.

* Bane’s accent seemed really over the top, like a punchy Sean Connery imitation. Also, when the bat symbol caught fire and he said, “Imposhible!,” did anyone else want to shout, “Inconceivable!”?

* Catwoman. When Hathaway was cast, I wrote about the Kitty Conundrum here and my response to this Catwoman is basically a good-natured shrug. I love that Hathaway played with caricatured female response and male reaction to that response. I love that Nolan made her insane heels functional if not utilitarian. I guess I just hoped that he would dirty her up a little.

Anarchy descends, yet Catwoman is still rocking a shiny blowout and a perfect red lip? I get that her glamor is basically DC canon (though Miller went to town on her in a totally depressing way), but I don’t get why everyone else gets dragged into the muck and she stays so… glossy.

There’s also nothing scary about her. If she’s meant to occupy a morally gray area and she doesn’t mind using guns or making mayhem, why doesn’t she feel like more of a threat? I suspect there’s a point to be made here about femininity, evil, and the grotesque, but for now, I’ll settle for saying that, one of these days, I’d like to see a genuinely terrifying super villainess on screen.

(Sidenote: Though she’s not strictly super, I’ll be curious to see what happens with Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. But after the whole Grendel’s Mom fiasco, I’m keeping my expectations in check.)




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Comic Con UPDATE

I’m now free to announce that I’ll be appearing at San Diego Comic Con!

UPDATE: I will be doing two signings, and appearing on a marvelous panel.

1. SATURDAY, 1:00 to 2:00pm
Signing at MCPG Booth (1220)
I’ll be signing copies of Shadow and Bone and giving away swag. There are rumors that I’ll have a limited number of POSTERS featuring Keith Thompson’s map of Ravka to hand out along with custom Shadow and Bone NAIL POLISH.
2. SUNDAY, July 15th – Noon to 1:00pm
Panel and Signing (Room 25ABC)
What’s Hot in Young Adult Fiction— Strong protagonists, engrossing romance, humor, action, and angst! Panelists offer a Q&A session and chat about the hottest new titles and trends in YA fiction. Moderated by Nathan Bransford (Jacob Wonderbar for President of the Universe) and featuring Leigh Bardugo (Shadow and Bone), James Dashner (The Maze Runner series), Kami Garcia (co-author of the Beautiful Creatures novels), Tahereh Mafi (Unravel Me), Melina Marchetta (Froi of the Exiles), Lish McBride (Hold Me Closer, Necromancer), Myra McEntire (Hourglass trilogy), and Scott Westerfeld (Uglies). Room 25ABC

(I don’t know how I lucked onto this panel, but I hope to get in some quality fangirling before anyone realizes I crashed the party.)

Signing to follow at Sail’s Pavilion (1:30-2:30pm, area AA09). I’ll have lovely swag to bestow here, too.

Going to be there? Let me know on twitter or leave a message below so I can keep an eye out for you. (I can also guarantee that I’ll be prowling around anything remotely Game of Thrones related.)


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