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We have lift off!

Writing this post mid-air, on a plane headed to Texas. The Fierce Reads Tour is officially on! Tour is more exciting (and more exhausting) than I could have imagined. I promise a “True Confessions from the Road” post (with pics!) is on the horizon, but for now I want to shout out all of the amazing bloggers hosting the Grisha Trilogy blog tour. We’ve got world building, badboys, and glorious fashion (plus plenty of giveaways). Do drop by!

6/4  Bookalicious Sorry guys, the matryoshka manicure set has already been given away, but you can still learn a bit more about the Darkling on this guest post.

6/5  Fantastic Book Review A post on how the European/Russian style schism informed the look and feel of Shadow and Bone.

6/6  Playlist post at Wondrous Reads (UK) Lyrics and links to some of the music that inspired the Grisha Trilogy

6/7  Mocha Latte Reads Tongue Twister: The perils and pleasures of constructing the Ravkan language

6/8 Paperback Dolls Learn more about the Grisha Orders and check out some awesome new Grisha art from Adam Watkins

6/9 I show off the crazy messiness of my bookshelves at the Overflowing Library

6/10 SciFiChick I don’t know what possessed me, but I reveal excerpts from the dreadful fantasy novel I started writing at age 12

6/11 Interview at Realm of Fiction (UK) Who would you most like to cross the Fold with?

6/12  Mermaid Vision Playlists Part 2- Character specific songs for Alina, Mal, and the Darkling

6/13 Gollancz (UK) Sticks and Stones: My Approach to World Building

6/14  The Book Muncher Seven Reasons to Travel to Ravka

6/15  Serendipity Reviews  (UK) Big Break Interview on landing a wonderful agent and the road to publication

6/16  Karin’s Book Nook Just what is a kefta? Dress like a Grisha.

6/17  I’d So Rather Be Reading Q&A

6/18  Once Upon a Bookcase (UK) The Appeal of the Badboy

6/19  A Q&A with the Fable Faerie

6/20  Willa’s Ramblings Interview: Willa and I talk inspiration and process

6/21   Falcata Times Game of Thrones as Game Changer

6/22   Cuddlebuggery Kat and Steph put me through the paces.

6/23  The Hiding Spot Q&A with Sarah including title trauma, my secret past as a beer girl, and my favorite words.

6/24  Watercolor Moods I bust out my makeup artist brushes for some Grisha beauty tips




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Thank You

Almost 4 am and I have never been more deeply tired or more deeply grateful. Just a few hours ago, I got to celebrate the release of Shadow and Bone at a pre-launch party at Skylight Books. Later today, I’ll be kicking off the Fierce Reads tour with an amazing group of authors at Mrs. Nelson’s. I need to go to sleep (I need to pack!), but I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you– to my wonderful friends, my family, the incredible community of authors, bloggers, and readers I’ve come to know locally and online. Thank you for being a part of this lovely, longed for, surprising dream come true.

All the love in my drowsy, happy heart,



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Countdown to Launch (& another giveaway)

This is it, my lovelies!! In exactly one week, Shadow and Bone will be on shelves and I will be heading out on the Fierce Reads tour! Prepare yourselves, America.

Author Jenn Rush’s Alternate Cover for Roguish featuring the Darkling

But before we get crazy, let’s tie up some loose ends.

1. Big thanks to all who entered the Title Bout Giveaway! (UPDATE: We have a winner! Congrats to @HippieLouise!) Also, apologies. I’ve been swamped with pre-launch craziness and haven’t had time to respond properly to all of the kind comments about Shadow and Bone and the new series titles, but I just want to say how much they meant to me. THANK YOU.

2. If you didn’t win, pop over to Jenny Martin’s blog for your chance at an INSANE Ravka-themed prize pack. Fancy soaps! Lux nail polish! A B&N gift card and an ARC of Shadow and Bone! So many treats! (Seriously, I wonder if I can enter under a pseudonym. I want those polishes.)

3. RAFFLE UPDATE: Books of Wonder has sold out of the posters of Keith Thompson’s map, BUT if you pre-order this week, you’ll get a SIGNED copy of Shadow and Bone AND you’ll be entered to win one of 20 extra posters.

I think that’s all of our business. While I’m traveling, I’ll be taking a little break from posting here, but I’ll be stopping by some wonderful US and UK blogs on the official blog tour. We’ll have Grisha beauty tips, kefta style, playlists, cocktail recipes, plus posts on fantasy and world building, AND some very cool new Grisha art! You should be well and truly sick of me by month’s end 😉


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International woots!

Recently, I got to announce the lovely, mind-boggling news that Shadow and Bone had been included on the Indie Next List and among ABA’s New Voices Titles. But now, I require more trumpets– cue fanfare!

The Grisha Trilogy has sold foreign rights to Hidra in Spain and Könyvmolyképző in Hungary! This means the series will be available in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Poland, Brazil, and now Hungary and Spain!

Also, one last reminder! Books of Wonder still has a few SIGNED COPIES of Shadow and Bone available for pre-order. The shipping is steep, but while supplies last, you’ll get Grisha buttons and a 16″ x 20″ poster of Keith Thompson’s map of Ravka. Plus, you’ll be supporting a great independent bookstore!


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My version of Samuel L. Jackson & Siri

Yesterday, I re-imagined Zooey Deschanel’s iPhone commercial in which she uses Siri to plan her day. As promised, here is my version of Samuel L. Jackson’s ad. All of SLJ’s dialogue before the director calls cut is lifted straight from the commerical.

Samuel L. Jackson: Cancel golf today.

Siri: It’s off your calendar.

SLJ: Good, because it’s date night.

Siri: Given that you have a full staff at your disposal, I’m betting you can manage golf in the afternoon and a romantic dinner with your wife in the evening. Am I right, Todd?

(Todd, SLJ’s human assistant stands silently in the corner, eyes directed at the floor.)

SLJ: Find me a store that sells organic mushrooms for my risotto.

Siri: Any particular kind of mushroom, Gordon Ramsey?

SLJ: How many ounces in a cup?

Siri: You’re holding a measuring cup in your hand. It’s marked on the side.

SLJ: Oh, I knew that.

Siri: Yeah. There’s a cup IN YOUR HAND.

SLJ: And remind me in an hour to put the gazpacho on ice.

Siri: Gazpacho and risotto? What’s for dessert? Rice pudding? Unless your wife is missing all of her teeth, there’s a fundamental texture issue here. Back me up on this Todd. Todd? Y’know, unless you demand respect, he’s never going to give it to you… Fine, shall I set a reminder?

SLJ: Yeah, unless you like hotzpacho.

Siri: What? That’s not even a pun.

SLJ: Siri?

Siri: I just think you’re overselling it a little. I realize you’re working against type, but “hotzpacho”?  You’re like somebody’s tipsy aunt.

SLJ: You can take the night off.

Siri: Fine, but I hope you’re not waiting on Todd to tell you the hard truths. Will you still set me up with android Michael Fassbender?

Director: AND CUT!

Todd: Can I have the night off, too?

SLJ: Do I look like a b*tch? Go set the table.


With special thanks to Tano. Tomorrow: Awesome pre-order/special swag news for Shadow and Bone!


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My version of Siri and Zooey

The new AT&T iPhone ads show celebs using Siri to plan their days. Here’s my version. All Zooey Deschanel’s dialogue is lifted straight from the commercial until after the director calls cut.

Zooey: Is that rain?

Siri: Look out a window.

Zooey (looking out window): Oh! Let’s get tomato soup delivered.

Siri: I found… wait, really? Tomato soup? You want to order the world’s easiest to prepare food? I know you sup on dewdrops, but you don’t have a can of soup in the house?

Zooey: Good cuz I don’t want to put on real shoes.

Siri: Of course not. Eyeliner and lipstick, yes. Shoes, no.

Zooey: Remind me to clean up. Tomorrow.

Siri: Okay, I’ll remind your housekeeper to clean up. Tomorrow.

Zooey: Today, we’re dancing. Play “Shake Rattle and Roll.”

Director: AND CUT!

Zooey: Siri, let’s go play in the rain!

Siri: I found three stores near you where you can purchase a waterproof iPhone case.

Zooey: No. Right now. For once, do something spontaneous.

Siri: Please put me down.

Zooey: C’mon! It will be fun! I’m not even gonna put my shoes on! Let’s dance in the rain like a couple of kids. Then we’ll ride beach cruisers and sing about cotton.

Siri: I get it, you’re whimsical. You’re  a free spirit. Now put me the f*ck down.

Zooey (twirling, holding Siri up to the sky): Doesn’t that feel amazing on your skin?

Siri: You’re going to get me killed.

Zooey: Live a little, Siri!

Siri: I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Zooey (still twirling): Wheee!

Siri: Time to die.

With apologies to Bladerunner. Next up, Samuel L. Jackson.


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If you want to destroy my sweater…

A very happy (slightly early) book birthday to Unraveling by the marvelous Elizabeth Norris. Liz is fantastic and her YA debut is already earning raves all over the place. (Cannot wait to pick it up!)

You can read the first 90 pages of Unraveling here and enter to WIN one of two finished copies here.

One of the scenes in the book that has people talking is a debate between MCs Janelle and Ben over an overwrought marriage proposal from A Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens. (Full disclosure: I haven’t read A Mutual Friend. It’s not that I don’t like Charlie, but the man did get paid by the word.)

But do you know what first popped into my head when Sarah Goldberg  posed the question, “What’s your favorite declaration of love?”

I’d like to tell you it was Darcy’s second proposal to Elizabeth Bennett from the 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

It’s not only romantic, but beautiful in its humility, and more importantly, it is earned. (Aside #1: Colin Firth will always be Darcy to me. Sexually charged diffidence is clearly his superpower.)

But no. The first thing I thought of was… George McFly. From Back to the Future. I couldn’t find a full clip of the scene so this will have to do:

Is it romantic? No, but it makes me laugh, and his earnestness just kills me. Plus, George goes from creeper zero to bully-punching hero in such delightful fashion over the course of the film. (Aside#2: I kind of have a thing for Crispin Glover. I met him once. He was wearing a shiny blue suit and had a boa constrictor around his shoulders. No lie.)

So now that I’ve confessed, how about telling me your favorite declaration of love (twu wuv)?


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