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My World: Rocked

Fairly sure I’ll be hit by a meteor soon. No girl can be this lucky.

When I was working on Shadow & Bone, back before it even had a title, I sometimes daydreamed about seeing a map of the world I’d imagined. Then I’d catch myself and squash that fantasy. I didn’t have an agent. I hadn’t finished a real draft. Who did I think I was? Technically, this isn’t a dream come true because I never really let myself believe this moment could happen.

Without further ado, I present Keith Thompson‘s map of Ravka.

(click to enlarge)

Stay tuned for an interview with Keith about how he works and the process of bringing Ravka to life.



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Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map

Yesterday, I got my first glimpse of the map of Ravka for Shadow & Bone. I’m not yet free to share it as it’s still a draft, but I can (at last) reveal the remarkable artist who will be bringing the world of the Grisha to life. You may know Keith Thompson from his incredible work on Scott Westerfeld‘s LEVIATHAN. If not, feast your eyes on this (and make sure to click on the image to get all the glorious detail):

While you’re at it, check out his creepy, ethereal Saint of Parasites:

To see the world I’ve imagined interpreted by an artist like Keith is really beyond all dreaming. I’m honored, giddy really, and I can’t wait to share the map with all of you.

Until then, very happy holidays to all! I wish you warm fires, strong drink, and all the magic you can summon on a cold winter’s night.



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First Look! The Interior of SHADOW & BONE

Yesterday, I got all kinds of amazing news that, unfortunately, I’m not free to share yet. (No, not a Grisha movie, keep your pants on… Actually, just because it’s not a movie deal, there’s no reason for us to be formal. Make yourself comfortable.)

But I am free to present a peek at the interior of the SHADOW & BONE ARC. These pages were designed by the marvelous April Ward. She captured the look and feel of my world so beautifully, and I am just in awe.

Chapter Opener:

A list of Grisha Orders that will appear at the beginning of the book:

And, of course, the Title Page:

Coming soon: ARC release date, some incredible news about the Shadow & Bone map, and… COVER!!


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