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The weekend in review…

Movie: Chronicle. A week ago, I hadn’t even heard of this movie. Then I caught the trailer and needed to see it IMMEDIATELY. (Behold the power of a great trailer.) I wasn’t disappointed. It’s kind of CARRIE meets AMERICAN PIE. Okay, maybe not, but it is a great superhero/supervillain origin story. There are a few gaps and false notes, but I was blown away by how authentic the camaraderie between the leads felt and this was so much more entertaining than the big action flicks I saw over the holidays. The set pieces come fast and furious in Chronicle without awkward setups or elaborate preludes. I’d pit Andrew’s close-encounter with a jet plane against Tom Cruise stuck to the side of a hotel any day.

Book: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I have to thank my friend and MacKids cohort Jennifer Bosworth (author of the upcoming 2012 debut Struck) for this rec. Sharp Objects is most definitely not YA. It’s a brutal psychological thriller set in a small town in Missouri, a graphic blend of sexuality and violence that almost revels in the grotesque. It’s also totally fascinating. I’m pretty sure this is a feminist text disguised as momcore. [For those of you unfamiliar with momcore, it’s basically Law & Order SVU– vicious (especially heinous?) crimes, usually perpetrated on women and girls, usually solved by a ruggedly handsome cop/journalist/former-special-ops-guy with a troubled past.] Sharp Objects is not about an outsider observing and punishing, but about the relationship between observer and victim, exploitation and beauty, violence and the female body. A really surprising take on the genre.

Spectacle: Madonna at the Superbowl. Yes, she looked a bit stiff and awkward in those heels. True, that new song sounds like a six-years-out-of-date Gwen Stefani rip-off best suited to the opening credits of an ABC Family movie. But I DO NOT CARE. Have you ever seen such an insane, over the top, epic, amazing entrance? That’s how I want to show up at book signings– wearing a giant SheRa crown and born aloft by an army of gladiators. THIS IS SPARKLY SPARTA! Then those giant LEDs! And she climbed on LMFAO! Nicki Minaj rapping like she is magical and from space! Drumline! Gospel choir! Cee Lo and the church of cell phones and my favorite karaoke song of all time! Let me tell you something people, this is the sign we’ve been waiting for: GLAMAGGEDON IS HERE.



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